Eleanor Dickinson

The Fires Within

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“Latte and David”  ©2005 Dickinson 19″ X 26″ pastel on velour.

© Eleanor Dickinson 1970-2008

Eleanor Dickinson


An Introduction to the Artist

The Fires Within

“If drawing is of the Spirit and color of the Senses, you must draw first, to cultivate the Spirit and to be able to lead color into spiritual paths” – Henri Matisse, 1948,

“Life is not a spectacle or a feast; it is a predicament”- Santayana,

“There are three professional qualities that have stood out for me in the character of the artist Eleanor Dickinson over the thirty years that I have known her.

“Those are the fearlessness of her artistic curiosity, the dedication she displays to her chosen path as an artist, and her generosity of spirit as an inspirational teacher and mentor to others.

“You can take Eleanor out of the South, but you cannot take the South out of Eleanor. Her relaxed and gentle demeanor, emanating from her Tennessee roots, is often at odds with the uncompromising and challenging subject matter and expressionistic technique of her art. This is not a new or evolving tendency in her art but a continuation of a moral viewpoint that has informed her creativity since the set up of her first studio in San Francisco in 1954. The popularity or “beauty contest” qualities of the art world where artists pander to collectors, museums and dealers through premeditated strategies of subject matter or style mean nothing to her.

“For Dickinson, her art is about the power of drawing to express human emotion from ecstatic joy to profound pathos. Her art is always informed by her intellect but she does something so rare among artists today and that is to allow her heart to dictate and dominate.

“The art of Eleanor Dickinson is courageous and kind, outspoken and, at times, not afraid to exhibit outrage. As an artist, she is to be admired for her considerable skill. As a woman artist she should serve as a role model for displaying those characteristics of dexterity, diplomacy and determination over a long career in the service of her art and her community.”

Robert Flynn Johnson
Curator in Charge
Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Art
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

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© Eleanor Dickinson 1970-2008

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